Back to Zero


The onset was set off with amazing grandeur
The beginning welcoming that gay magnificence
Everything sparkling like the brightest dawn
Back to Zero

All in its glories for millions of marvels glimpse
Striking unison of ideas make one grand scene
Yet it all falls back to one sans the greatness
Back to Zero

The glories trampled upon by mere ignorance
It is said of such crucial times to indeed arrive
Wherein we lost all the excellence on silliness
Back to Zero

Be it that crouching hatred steaming so deeply
Those nagging truths there taunting us everyday
Being pestered by the mere happenings of odds
Back to Zero

Somehow we search for a unique favor to even
Making a difference even when dire resonates
That gloominess enclose us in astonishing awe
Back to Zero

With all down to a lone consortium of miseries
Our crippling anxiety like that monsoon Hilda
We fight and strive for the absolute perfect
Back to Zero


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