A ripe chance existed for a classroom space
A wise woman sold bottled pepper to have fees
A hand busy at the spindle to keep us all warm
A lesson so early on in life that told me to work
A thankful childhood gifted in very little plus love
A house packed with brothers all over the place
A boxing ring rolled out very often to quiet some
At Least ………………. I Was Blessed

A school of girls left to be cleaners and cooks
A difference was made for me by a role model
A sewing machine was on the table in our home
A pair of knitting needles poked a fluffy lilac yarn
A doll baby box kept all the left over fanti fabrics
A tabletop oven puffed out succulent cornbread
A taste of how to keep home laced on very early
At Least …………….. I Was Blessed

A time was known when all was far and failing
A place that did not know tomorrow as it is today
A world void of twilights to see through the haze
A circle that ran round round with no signposts
A dove circling the skies peeking down for a spot
A dancing orange petal waves to the wind’s gust
A girl brown with sunburn hair strides to an ease
A people made fine of the hard knocks of poverty
A note of hope for all to preserver this livid rage
At Least ……………. I Was Blessed


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