Are they also politicking our peace?


The thinking part of this country knows that the peace road

map is just another architecture housing our emptiness.

Each day this emptiness is widened by their long conferences, talk-

show discourses, and white papers that continue to deceitfully fill our gaps.

My heart battles with a biting question a “comrade”

once asked saying “Is war, violence, or bad-mouthing advocacy the source

of political riches? This question reveals to me the injustice of Liberators

and former vulnerables living in style while the downtrodden continue their circle in the

margins. How often we are self-deceived by the very principles we once

opposed.  What then is the definition of our country’s future when our peace

is hanging on the fragility of sored-hearts whose destinies are out of

“The house’s debates” and national conferences. Nearly one decade has seen this country

still battling with perspectives clashes on what reconciliation would work. Different answers

with multi-syllable jargons that simply leave us with migraine headache are offshore

but none is chosen yet! My seventh grade niece’s mathematics teacher says reconciliation

means there is a missing equation between two things that ought to be in the same

balance. If two things are the object of this country’s peace then why are we the

only ones being seen as obstacles. If there is a chasm that

needs to be closed, then where is the second party? If there is a heart

that needs to be healed, then where is the breaker. If there is a sin that

needs to be forgiven, then where is the repented brethren? And if there

is a crime that needs to be forgiven, where is the criminal? Or are they

politicking our peace? Religious and legal wisdom suggest that while the burden

of forgiveness is with the victim, the task of resolution weighs on the doer.

What wisdom do the peace architects’ strategic objectives, indicators, logical frame work,

and constructed milestones suggest too?


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