Are we ready again?

To walk from Matadi to Sawmill? Jumping over dead bodies, running through swamps?

Chasing kissmeat and palm kernels?

Flying from Logan Town to Freeport?  Fendell to Kakata?

Or to hang on worn down trucks?

Manned by rag tag rebels, dressed in their wedding gowns, mimicking a bride

Awaiting her bridegroom?

Have we heard those words?

In the cause of the people, there is always a struggle?

To eat, find a shelter, pay bills, and get a life?

Life is more than ham and cheese, roads paved with gold, or making a double

There are cracks everywhere, ruined hopes, tattered dreams, internal strife

Beneath those tears, dampened spirits, find a truce

In our world, we cheat, we trick, we hate, even bruise

One quarrel, breeds another, only a smile can mend a bridge

I, today, don’t want to hold my little girl, running around a circle

That ends with another circle, and another circle.

Waiting for a change, like a full new moon, that comes only at night

When my daughter, grows into a woman and asks me why I waited only for the moon

And didn’t use the light from the sun to keep life going?

I’d be dumbfounded, staring the skies for my words

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