They tussle and hustle

Each with his own method

They were meeker than the poorest man

Because they wanted favor for the great position

They got it, they took over it, they move like giants

Each in his own comfort zone

They appear in luxuries and belong to another class

They wore attires their ancestors never dreamt of

They rented elegant mansions

They flew to the Queensland to soak up the sun

They lavish thousands on the earthly princesses

And saw the great position like the Atlantic oceans

The lightning strikes

The clouds cover the moon

The cock crows

It’s a new dawn

Rome was not built in one day

Hence, Rome has many engineers

The great position is no more

The luxuries have disappeared over night

Leaving their pockets empty

They roamed the streets in search of buyers for their valuables

They lived the rest of their lives in shame and frustration

After the great position

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