Adieu Flight MH 370 CRASHED


Flight MH 370 with 239 persons on board

March after seven days it took off fine

Family members friends lovers and parents

Tickets in hand to get a chore done as usual

Little did they know it would be a final date

In prayer modes the world watched for word

Man made filled even on the most recent

Without a clue the whole world just confused

Sudden Shock

Adieu Flight MH 370


The prayers bellowed high to appease God

In grief wailing love ones and spouses shriek

Wildly as ere text messages are posted them

So heartless the act adds insult to much injury

Those expecting a miracle stunned at the news

Gone down over weeks lost probably forever

Maybe flying for hours before the sea dive

Holding on the last minute contacts they had

Terrible Loss

Adieu Flight MH 370


Goodbye dear friends as you rest beyond us

This may have come so late but now we can cry

With sweet memories of all the good your did

Here now we learn a cue to be our best daily

They were not told to say any goodbye even

Like the doomed final takeoff no one expected

Technology so safe and brand new failed all

Like a kite on the string we have no solid hold

Deep Sadness

Adieu Flight MH 370


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