My twinge I bear sans the sympathy of fakes
My wound I nurse sans the murmur of healers
My blight I carry despite the prattle of crows
My hunger I feed despite the feast nearby
My head resting on a pillow of old clothes
Clothes cover by body carries none of charity
My head I hold higher despite my need for aid
My pride not of folly but strength and courage
I come of a time when I must stand for myself
I come of a time when folks plummet like flies

I smirk in spite the despairs of present times
My eyes glitter yet my inner pain not for empathy
My plans for success that battle is mine alone
My feet in shredded shoes for that I can afford
My back rest on old mattress yet I gain strength
Higher I seek as my belief becomes resolute
All for ascending although the times of distress
My honor and my prayer and my visions
I come of a time when paucity is now usual
I come of a time when happiness is shallow


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