A Tribute to Prof. Wolo and Teacher C.M. Dennis


For whom again do these bell tolls? We hear a veteran too did go;
And a young teacher wave his last smile and said goodbye.
W. Whitman’s “O Captain, My Captain” echoes its rhythm with
disquieting calm; and do you brag the leaving of these cognitive
builders? Your strokes simply lure them asleep and are now most free,
never are bond to these tussles that each day some
wrestle, yearning for home or many returning weary, while other just rest in
His caressed-peace.

At last, when both veterans recently lie in your remains, you were dethroned.
So they were glad when they waved goodbye. Washington, too, did rejoice
when he passed and we read: “I have been to the mountaintop” and see
too that Luther was with yearning to travel from this work field.
Why then do you boast?
When you metamorphosed into Ebola, did you last?
Are you not a crown of glory? Didn’t Christ snatched us from your grips
when He went down Hades and redeemed us from your chains? Aren’t you
master to fate as Donne says. Death, you are cursed to send some to paradise and will watch some others go by rapture, while finally you are sailed to hell.
Alas, those who would miss heaven’s bliss!


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