A Tribute to All Mothers


By F Shelton Gonkerwon

From where I sit in thrilled solitude

Beholding mothers through the corner of my eyes

Wherever they are in the near and distant lands

I could espy them in an orderly motherly row

As they patiently wait with their heads honorably bowed

Seeking God’s face in the heavily troubled earthly race

When evil men have made justice and rights absolute slaves

When social disasters have become the ultimate goal of political masters

And when satanic villains are planting graves all over the place

I could see in their hands living seeds intended to sow

In their enthusiastic mood to produce assorted eatable fruits

Aimed at placing joy over sorrow to ensure Christly marrow

And establish the spirit of true love and keep the light of unity burning

They are the living light, the foundation and the family might

Taking daily pains to ensure desired family gains

Dreaming Christly dream to establish Christly cream

Serving as managers of men and all of their unguided hens

Giving their best in the wake of unavoidable worldly tests

While accepting unprovoked insults just to produce needed results

And challenging the fearful dark to leave outstanding marks

They would provide hope in the face of loveless look

They would remain tough when things become absolutely rough

They would painfully shed tears when you have punishment to bear

May their sun rise and transparently shine

May they not disgracefully fall

But to defiantly stand tall in the morality hall

To always honor God’s persistent calls

In line with the Christly writing on the wall

May Christ continue to place them the first and quench their thirst

May they be honorably honored and not be pondered

May their gains remain firm to replace those devil created pains

May God’s grace keep them protected in the lifelong race

May their deeds subdue the evil men’s weeds

I wish you safe journey as you seek the eternal place


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