A Poem for Dad


Dad, words are insufficient to express the void created

Since your departure from God’s green earth

Thirty three years ago come Sunday November 10, 2013

Far too often, we find ourselves in retrospect

Of those wonderful, fatherly cherished memories

You so dearly and lovingly crafted on our mortal minds.

“Dad” Father to the fatherless

“Duke” He who seeks and addresses humanity issues

“Sec” The renowned Civil Servant and world class Diplomat

Your physical absence from this earth, has left us yarning the above

Our craving for those beautiful attributes of yours intensifies everyday

Just the thought of having you as a parent makes life more bearable.

Your generosity gives true meaning to the word “Philanthropist”

Your dedication to us brings the two word phrase “family value” alive

Your devotion to faith, mankind and principles has made this generation

Practice and emulate the actual role of what a God fearing individual should

Your physical absence makes bold your spiritual presence everyday   

Because you are never far from our thoughts, your guidance is always our road map.

This poem is a dedication to the late premier indigenous Secretary of State Momolu Dukuly

Commemorating his thirty third year death anniversary since he departed this Earth.

From your beloved daughter Bintu Fatumatta Dukuly, his son Osmon Dukuly his, grand children; Margaret Dukuly, Velma Steele, Romelle Omi   Moore, and Amadou Dukuly great grand children; Lukas Momolu Zaleskis and Ronan Amadou Moore.  And the rest of the family.

May you rest in eternal peace and may light perpetual be yours till we meet again.


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