A Life Well-documented (Amb. Charles Tiah’s Tribute to Lawrence and Mamade)


We were amputated on the left sides of our chests- a stab
deep in all hearts- when you both passed…
You left us without saying good-bye and took with you the
smiles that glowed your cheeks and brilliancy that profused your lives.
Do you have the hearts to say why? Your deaths struck hearts breaking on the mat
with glow of memories that wrap around our emptiness?
Did you mean to cause these brokenness?

The little bird that plays my evening lyre on this leisure
road is heard singing a dirge that fills the square of my
mind with weighing tons. And today here again I sit in
solitude devoured with a simmering-mourning heart, listening
to the instruments of crickets and the melody of a blue-jay singing
a dirge of humanity-the lyrics are a celebration praise for the life you lived.

Lawrence, we consulted for the same entities-you first, then I next,
observing your steps……

Mamade, I was your talk show fan, attached to your intellectual
presentation style…….

You both died well-documented. Live on……

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