A Jue Is…


A jue is a chick
Who knows how to make it thick
A jue is like a jar
Full of goods like candy bars
A jue is a journey
Of wisdom through her story
A jue is a gem
And baby, you are one of them.
A jue is a tree
True to her roots, she bears the fruits
A jue takes the lead
And makes others take heed
A jue knows her Maker
And keeps Him at her center
A jue is, at her core,
Stronger than iron ore
So down to earth
A jue is from birth!
Proud but not prideful
Loud but not obnoxious
Fresh but not frisky…
But she does get frisky now and then, if you know what I mean!
Like cotton the jue hugs me
Comforts purely, naturally, genuine she loves me
She might pour out on you like rain
And if that doesn’t cause you to grow, change my name.
Oh this jue is good!
No, the jue is Baaaad!!!
From grey to orange-red
Like the skies over her head
Whether cloudy or clear blue
She is still one hellaba jue!
And dammit, my jue is fine —
Fine as a “Mugg”!
Warm, Cool and Hot as a Mugg
And I’m thankful to have the hands that handle this fragile, fine and refined piece of clay.
And pray the Lord that I won’t shatter this Mugg!
You are the jue that I think I knew
For many a jue are none like you
So simple and sophisticated
Mentally emancipated
Confident, relevant, benevolent, astute
Run your flag up my pole, baby,
And I’ll salute!


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