A-Authority rest solemnly in her buxom
B-Bulwark in times of despair and demands
C-Creative the works of her nimble fingers
D-Defensive to swag her pebble diamonds
E-Eloquently she gingerly dissuade fighters
F-Freedom waltz wonderfully under her voice

G-Gender gather in one chant foes to vanquish
H-History shall be told of your fight for justice
I-Integrity integrity integrity will propel us above
J-J-Jewels of inestimable essence “our people”
K-Kith and travelers leeches her soul to breed
L-Liberia given for our feet to be free and equal
M-Men provoke democracy to bleed peace only

N-Neighbourliness a statute of life we must hold
O-Oyster as we are made fine from rough sands
P-Peace which cannot be purchased we earned
Q-Quintessential her simple quest to excellence
R-Respect for leaders to avert failure tomorrow
S-Silence of the sounds of war to queue for ballot

T-Tolerance mounts her securely to dine royals
U-Utilitarianism shows a hidden happiness for all
V-Velocity for peaceful conclusions tops all others
W-Women wisdom hugs you as our country cloth
X-X shall not be in our lineage only great Liberians
Y-Youthful you own and hold the keys to dignity
Z-Zest the verve inspiring lives to rise and shine


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