Yellow like the eternal morning burst

I shimmer with

Pink like the moist rose in my garden

I discover new

Lime green as the rip tangy fritillary

I compress closely

Jade to be desired by ancient royalty

I embrace for memories

Orange with a whiff of sunset in May

I cling on as a fresh new leaf

Purple in February to flavor the greens

I step in with all the confidence

White for forgiveness on bended knees

I humble my face to the Holy

Royal Blue majestic as the huge sea

I explore unknown horizons

Brown as sugary cookies on the sand

I bleed the earth for resources

Leaf Green pictorial as just cut flowers

I dine quietly with sanguine in love

Red aglow with a heart full of laughter

I gave with open heart to the needy

Cream and warm as place of comfort

I wish same to all my kith and kin

Blue but after a rage we mellow down

I feel like a found ship after the storm

Gold oft brilliant in every state of being

I immerse all to feel and be and live it

Baby Blue attractive as distant cloud

I dream of strength as challenges come

Tan in December as the act Pleebo girl

I bask in a fragrance of lavender bloom

Lilac stream stools lotuses to dress us

I relish the tin to fulfill my ethereal thrust

Cyan greenish blue hint encourages me

I clap in adoration for his great presence

Olive rich in oils of life and old wisdom

I smooth my shell to renew my stance

Ivory bold tusks of the wonder to man

I lace and trim as queens in ivory

Earth brown sweet smell in November

I cherish the birth of my sweet mother

Baby Pink so powdery it nurses to sleep

I snooze curled up in my majestic vale

Ocean Blue as mystic as many wonders

I shadow blissfully in the aura of a God

Jing Jang a color we all know so well

I mix match and as I jubilate 48


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