30 Years On


And it is still the same six and seven
Many years of mental torture is ended
Thirty years is not the same as thirty days
In the most miserable of places for name
Burnt black by the tint of constant shame
An endless battle to guard one’s self worth
Every time this clock swipes backwards
Only to accept a new drop of filth again
Here a looming closure is visibly in sight
30 Years Could Not Tame
And I am moving on to sure peace
Many gasps as the news breaks town
Thirty or more carbon copied clones
In quiet as the troubles rumbled always
Bedeviled a curse that defiles deliverance
An affront to her dedication as partner
Every Tom Dick and Harry not this time
Only a dame of adroitness should comply
Hi it was a sudden shock to text goodbye
30 Years Could Not Tame.


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