Open Arms

By: Matenneh – Rose L. Dunbar

It took many soft hearts like flying cotton

That welcomes the broken and in pains

Room and board for a common stranger

With no known story of if a ghost or real

Good hearts brought forth a blissful union

Free to many weary meals fixed with prays

As was told they reflect a good Samaritan

Open Arms

It will not take away from you but raise

That perfumes a desolate desperate soul

Room for wisdom free just desire humility

Wither quickly as vapor for failure to learn

Goodness as grease flows perpetually

Freedom looms richly near airy fingers

Appease any with a warm wide welcome

Open Arms

Discourage But Not Defeated

By: Matenneh – Rose L. Dunbar

Have the zest to be a force to compete with

Faint from the shame that played out before

Let it loose for you are not the first to stumble

Ears fill of the echoes of the many versions

Still and focused to make the win before all

Will not easily let go of my dreams plus wants

Surely…..Discouraged But Not Defeated

Got energy to trample those nagging pests

Some with fans of wicked edges that wounds

Luring innocent hearts so frail not to rise again

Set back by chance still too weak to stand up

Enlightened by a touch so divine it lifts higher

Shall not be dissuaded by the market place noise

Purely….Discouraged But Not Defeated

Morning Mist

By: Matenneh – Rose L. Dunbar

Morning Mist

Refreshing gust of heavens dew

Soothing the age lines of yesterday

On my color coated working face

The cool morning rain sprinkled

Moist stringed droplets right on me

A glass hand that hangs on the wind

Doused my day in calm and beauty

I glee for the chance to fell the Master

Morning Mist


By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

You, ArchBishop William Nah Dixon
A Godly Son
Hailed from the County of Rivercess
As a Child of God and nothing less
The Rivercess of people
Who are in body feeble
Because they smell their wealth
Torturing their daily health
 Yet they do not taste their wealth
To build up their daily health
Yes, the people do not taste
What few others use as waste
This too is the Country called Liberia
With all of its malaria
The Country of Smell No Taste
Where big shots are in no haste
To end the massive poverty
That is still Liberia's reality
Then enters you, ArchBishop William Nah Dixon
A Rivercess Son
With a running vision
Set on a burning vision
Not for yourself
 But for otherself
 Starting a long time ago
 Exactly some fifty years ago
 You built the School for the Deaf and Dumb
 While few others damaged Liberia with their bomb
 Seeing the people starving
 When few others were greeding
 You, ArchBishop William Nah Dixon
 A Rivercess Son
 Set out to Feed The People
 No matter how feeble
 Then the Civil War came
 With no better name, it came
 And made Liberia worse
 Giving Liberia a curse
 Then you, ArchBishop William Nah Dixon
> A Patriotic Rivercess Son
 Joined hands with other patriotic Liberians
 Taking action together as Muslims and Christians
 To put an end to the Civil War
 With the people saying NO MORE WAR
 You, ArchBishop William Nah Dixon
A Peaceful Rivercess Son
 Set on a Peace Mission 
 Directly by your Godly Vision
 Spoke on the radio wave
 With the voice to you that God gave
 This was the voice of the people
 No matter how feeble
 The voice that brought Liberia to a standstill
Without any violent societal ill
On January 10, 1997
With Blessings from Heaven
Opening up the People's Gate
Bringing in Liberia's most democratic event to date
As over one million Liberians stayed home
They were no where in the streets to roam
They stayed home, voting for peace over war
And the Civil War ended, as we all saw
Now, let us memorialize ArchBishop William Nah Dixon
A  Patriotic Rivercess Son
By taking action together for justice
Without any form of prejudice
Because it is only justice that brings peace
The peace that comes without cease 


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