Poetry October 30, 2014


Fixing Ebola At Seventy-Six
A Poem To Say Happy Birthday To Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf President Of Liberia
By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

Now that you are fit at seventy-six
Let us together do the ebola fix
For Liberia must go on
While ebola must be gone
From dawn to dusk
We seize the elephant’s tusk
With strength from God
Making an honest nod
We move with valor unpretending
Only to Liberia’s call attending
For today is your Natal Day
Let us walk the People’s Way
Walking together forward
Never walking background
We march on to win
To the People’s gain
Today is your Birthday
Madam President, Happy Birthday

A Tree That Refuses to Bear Fruits
By: Eric G. Gbanlon
Cell #: 0886220513

A tree that refuses to bear fruit,
Stands in a place of need
With nutrients passing through the tips of its roots,
It is pregnant, but does not deliver a seed.
A tree that refuses to bear fruits,
Produces fine flowers on which no bird sat to feed.
It dresses like a general, wearing combat and boots,
But in times of war, finds pleasure witnessing its men die on the field.
The tree that refuses to bear fruits,
Is the tree that no farmer would need.
Like a tree that refuses to bear fruits,
Is a leader that possesses the spirit of greed.


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