Poetry November 27, 2014


Tribute to Fallen Journalist Zoegar Q. Jaynes

By D. Kaihenneh Sengbeh, Secretary General, Press Union of Liberia (0886/0777) 586531

It hurts me to say goodbye, big brother

When a role model like you expires suddenly

Yet, I must cry goodbye, professional brother

With chilling tears filling my eyes ceaselessly

As you leave behind a gap too big to bridge

Zoegar, it’s so painful to see you go just like that

Like a splash of October’s thunder-lightening

No, I can’t still understand all this and that

To the resulting stories I am still listening

Of how my big brother has quick-departed

I can still hear your voice on the radio

Broadcasting to the nation the news

Reading dry script, cueing in the audio

But your death now makes the news

In the cubicle at ELBC, on Radio Varitas

Zoegar, Big Brother Zoegar

No longer answering with that golden voice—

Sounding heavily-built like a bazooka

A professional voice sure clear of noise

Doing commentaries on Lonestar’s matches

Oh, you’ve left behind unsoiled legacy–

Fighting against brutal autocracy

Contributing greatly to democracy

Raising young journalists to “mediacracy”

And defending the cause for social justice

In the media you were a beacon

In the home a dedicated father

In God’s House a faithful deacon

In the community a friend—a brother

In life an extraordinary human being

To the elders you were so humble

To the young you were an example

To journalism you didn’t mumble

To friends you were quiet, simple

To Zoegar, you were just Jaynes

Go rest, Big Brother Zoegar Q. Jaynes

You’ve done so well your part

I’ll wear my long trousers— blue jeans

To your farewell as death do us part

From Providence Baptist to Brewerville

Thank you, fallen senior journalist

For your contribution to journalism

You were a strong catalyst

Raising the young in journalism

From the PUL to SWAL to LEJA

A nationalist, a deacon

A friend, a big brother

A patriot, a beacon

A husband, father

A hero is fallen

Goodbye, Zoegar


My Fear

By Lusinee Kamara

I am tied and bound by chains,
in a situation where my reality
has become my depression and my depression has a life of its own
I ask myself what am I afraid of?

What is stopping me from fulfilling my dreams?
I realize I am afraid of failure
of falling and not being able to get up
I am horrified that I might not succeed.

All the dreams I had in life
had been discouraged by the FEARS
And now I don't remember
what my dream once was.

Am I wrong to admit that I am scared?
My life has passed by so fast
that I think I have no time
You mentioned that you are 20 years old and that you have a life in front of you, but tomorrow is not promised.
I FEAR that I will miss my window of opportunity, even though there is a possibility that my window has not been open for my opportunity to come in.
I still feel that I have run out of time

I am tired of FEAR!!
FEAR cannot physically stop me;
it is just mentally leading me to destruction.
This evil force
is trying to destroy my destiny
all I’m going to do is show the world what I have left in me
I put my heart into these poems
and recite them from my soul
I can give nothing less but my best
and FEAR is trying to take that from me but I refuse to let it defeat me.
My future is way more important for me to let it be shattered by doubts or cold feet

I have to believe in me
My dreams are no longer dreams to me I become stressed over time,

When all I want to do
is be the best in my ability and sometimes I just do this stressfully
but this is what writing means to me

I think I know what I want to be
but only Allah knows what I am meant to be
so I am letting him lead me.


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