Poetry November 20, 2014



Germaway Jabaru Germaway

Tribute to The Late Dr. Jabaru Carlon

By Togba-Nah Tipoteh

Germaway Jabaru germaway

Kamba eh ku ma feh way

As you make your transition into glory

We are in the position to pass on your story

A story of a Liberian so patriotic

Building a society so democratic

With heart and hand

Making no demand

You serve the people through your intellect

Seeking the people's interest to protect

Promoting the people's governance

Struggling to end elitist deterrence

With people's governance in the hall of primacy

And elitist deterrence in the dull of history

You march on in historic transition

You march on in democratic position

So, march on to victory Jabaru

So, march on into history Jabaru

Germaway Jabaru germaway

Kamba eh ku ma feh way

A Tree That Refuses to Bear Fruits

By Eric G. Gbanlon

Cell #: 0886220513

A tree that refuses to bear fruit,

Stands in a place of need

With nutrients passing through the tips of its roots,

It is pregnant, but does not deliver a seed.

A tree that refuses to bear fruits,

Produces fine flowers on which no bird sat to feed.

It dresses like a general, wearing combat and boots,

But in times of war, finds pleasure witnessing its men die on the field.

The tree that refuses to bear fruits,

Is the tree that no farmer would need.

Like a tree that refuses to bear fruits,

Is a leader that possesses the spirit of greed.

When Ebola leaves

By Lekpele Nyamalon

I can feel the day

Far within my soul

When we can shake hands again

And embrace without fear

When boys and girls can walk to school

And play like birds soaring on skies

I can see the smiles roaring on the faces of teachers

To hug their students and make them learn

I can smell the palm butter and smoked fish

Pouring from the cookshops and restaurants

Happy that the war is over

I can hear the horns of the pen pen boys

Screaming like bats on top of the world

I can feel the breadth of the preacher man

Thanking God that his prayers are answered

I can see the sun smiling at us

Greeting with hope from above

When Eebola leaves

We would all be merry

But keep those little buckets manning the doors

Like a baby left by Ebola


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