Poetry November 13, 2014


Breath of Africa

By: Lekpele Nyamalon,  [email protected]

Hold on child, this race is long

Not one mile or one day’s streak

You’ve got curves longer than circles

And valleys steeper than Gbakor’s hill

With mountains taller than Everest

Run too soon and lose your steam

You’ll watch your future torn to shreds

With your feet shaking with fear

And hands too tired to move

This race is far from over

Keep your strength you hope of Africa

Lest you lose it and Africa faints

Tomorrow, those hands are needed

To give to a tired continent

Those legs could run and win the promise

Keep your vibe you strength of the future

We need your arms to climb those mountains

And shoulder to carry those tools of change

Hang on, you face of tomorrow

You Africa’s last breath

              A Liberian, not Ebola

               (Inspired by the campaign against stigmatization)

By: Lekpele Nyamalon

I am a Liberian, not some virus

I got blood flowing through my veins

My heart beats like hydro, pumping through those arteries

I got brains, not dumb

I am human, not a parasite

I live on rice, fish and meat, not on blood and carcass

I am innocent, chirping on trees like birds enjoying nature

Not a serial killer, a vampire or leech

Do you know from whence comes that name Ebola?

Not a place in my country

Not the name of the St. John River, or Cavalla

Or St. Paul or the Belleh forest, nor the Bea mountains

It’s nowhere here, child

How on planet do I own this virus?

Do I have a lab that makes malaria?

How could I pass for Ebola?

Come on guys, I am a Liberian

From the land of the free

A home of the men with skin pitch like the earth

A proud, dark son of the soil

I am a Liberian, a warm-blooded mammal

My country is rich with green rainforests

A wonderful climate and beautiful history

Amazing culture and Africa’s first child

A human, an African – a Homo Sapiens, not a virus!


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