Poetry May 28, 2015


My Daughter
By Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar
My Beautiful Child
At birth you glittered
As passerby hastened
At the sound of creation
For a gem so lustrous
Seeing you grow up
Woos every imagery
The calmness about you
Friendly swag defined
Eyes of a white dove
Immaculate iris beyond
This twisted cacophony
Twigs of gold rainbow
Curves warmly to you
Blossom as the cheery
Snow filled luster puff
Like a palm by streams
Rich green fine woman
Creamy like the moon
Your rarity enchants
Emerald and grandiose
Fanning for mostly joy
Thirty years a delight
My Beautiful Child

I Am That Man!
By Varney L.S. Gean
I am that brown-eyed gentleman
Early bird on the sprint to work
Be it the hospital or that tall edifice
The plumbing shop or some factory
The pint-sized market stall or the bank
Government building or on the farm
I am that somebody
I am that father
I am that husband
That uncle that brother
Who throughout the day I must acutely toil
Endeavoring for the finest to make happy
In the blazing sun or horrendous flood
Unflinching as one aim bears to mind
I am that fellow that will never pause
Strong in my deeds my concepts my words
Truthful and tender to all who meander my path

Ebola! Where did you come from?
By Varney L.S. Gean
On a surprising dawn you sprang forth upon us
On the daily news your strange name rang forth
Our hearts bleed since your unforeseen arrival
Our time spent just to bid you a swift bon voyage
Only the wittiest of us perceived you beforehand
Ebola! Where did you come from?
Our lives no longer those pleasant stories nowadays
Our happiness sink as sorrow dwells around us daily
Our state no longer gain once great friends we had
Our moments lost in utter frustration and suspense
Only the smartest of us knew everything beforehand
Ebola! Where did you come from?

Ode to my jailer
By Lekpele M. Nyamalon
Cheer up! Son of a monster
I love you though-
Your specialty is torture
Schooled to beat and bruise
You made me a gladiator
I feel the pains curving on my back
From the whips of your cartridge
You made me a warrior
I hear the barking of your voice
Roaring like a strangled lion
Hungry for my blood
You jeered at my tears
They made me a soldier
You tried to dump my soul
But, you shot my ego in the sky
I can walk on broken glass
Cuz my heart is stiff like the back of steel
I’m no more a crying prisoner
Mocked by his captor
Driven to death
I’m now a storyteller
Molded by you

Just call me Sackie
By Lekpele M. Nyamalon
When I say my name
Don’t ask me where I come from
Take it and go
It’s my name
My grandmother said so
She raised me in the air
On the day of the ceremony
And whispered it-smiling
I’m not from space
Or mars, or the Arctic
I’m a warm blooded mammal
My name is my tag
Call it or move on
I’m Sackie
Too hard for you?
Get an ice and chill
Cuz, I’m Sackie
Just call me that
Need a shorter form?
Just call me Sackie

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