Poetry May 21, 2015


Our Hearts
By Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

Made of only soft flesh without a bone
Made to be flexible and ready to bend
Made of how we see the world around
made to swifter big problems suddenly
Our hearts plead to go on……………………
Made to shed tears as a vent for hurt
Made firm by the sound of pleasantries
Made bubbly when your smile radiates
Made weak by actions of the unfriendly
Our hearts sing a song…………………….
made a hero by the loud acclaim of all
Made to rock against all the odds in life
Made green as a lawn new spring time
Made to glow as candles behind a glass
Our hearts rests in a cradle……………
Made to break when placed in shock
Made to rejuvenate its self-healing
Made to rosy again after the deep fall
Made to tango in lilac and purple yet
Our hearts soft but stronger than gold

Two Blind Men
By Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

Along the metal wall of the presidential grounds
Two blind men felt their way down a clean path
They multi stepped as slowly their hands groped
With swinging white canes to navigate gradually
Much vigor was placed into getting to destination
My heart skipped a beat to see them do their best
These…………. Two Blind Men
One wore slacks while the other was suited fine
The ironed black pant with white shirt was sharp
Seemed like the suited guy was a office worker
His pal in slacks was matching in red and blue
They were sure to get to duty as they hugged
In close commune their goal was singular here
These……. Two Blind Men
Inspiring puffs rise from their journey of a day
Hands on each other back serves as self-belts
Guarding each from the cars busy Capitol Hill
Ten thirty daily means commitments to them
Ready to face the pains and drains of today
Sentiments float over why there is little care
These………. Two Blind Men

Her Sacrifice
By Varney L. S. Gean

From the instant she knew beforehand
A child growing her small belly held
The sings all there she knew the truth
Happy was she months later she bore
The moment when joy had no boundary
Her Sacrifice
Her love her nursing for the child she bore
Forsaking many things for the child’s future
Toil and sweat for the child must be nurtured
Her aim to make better won’t be ruined
Throughout times she did the best she could
Her Sacrifice
That youngster will be greater she acclaimed
For all her efforts smiles her sweet face carried
She did not falter not even in dire moments
Her newborn she prayed should be better
She knew how far and whatever it took
Her Sacrifice
Today she laughs when mothers wail
Today she smiles when people ask her
Who is that greater man or woman with you?
For all her efforts it is time to beam mother
For without YOU life would have been futile
Her Sacrifice

A Whole New Level
By Varney L. S. Gean

Started out like a blur out of nowhere
Streaming down so rapid like cascade
A whole new level
Headlong to get the paramount of all
Not halting as everything spiral faster
A whole new level
In this time minds jump start like bolts
Like thunderbolts the sharpness matters
A whole new level
In the long run results will be probable
Something to make frowned faces smile
A whole new level