Poetry May 15, 2015


Ebola, go away
By Lekpele Nyamalon

Your time is up!
You’re a stranger, an enemy
Leave this space and go away
Your venom has struck
Bringing down pillars, built for years
Tearing apart men and women of courage
Digging beneath the depths of pain
But, where is your strength?
To rip to shreds the flesh?
That even a spin can send to rest?
Can you break the strength of united hearts?
And bruise the will of a silent hero?
No, no you’re just another thug
Roaming aimlessly like an armed bandit
You’re a loser a lone traveler
Lost in the tropical rainforest
Get out of here and go away!
Run back to where your comfort lies!
And what is your name? Ebola?
You don’t even have a name
You’re remembered after some river
Cuz, no one even cared about you
Leave the corridors of foya market
And vanish from the slums of west point and waterside
You chose the wrong target
Whose courage is stronger than steel’s back
And strength to blow away your venom
Lost in our resolve as a people
Shot in the leg by our patriotism
Your mission has failed, go away
Your target was missed, go away
Those men you took are smiling from above, resting in peace
You took them to a better place, go away
Go to the belly of tiny fruit bats
And slam your face in shame, beating yourself with hate
‘21days’ is your strength of time
And we live on forever
Ebola, go away.

Meditations on My Birthday Morning
By Charles G. Tiah-LAW

It took about five years to remake this man
Too many of me burned in the smith’s hearth
And the ego cut off in MIGHTY POTTER’s PALM
Making my strength to transform to inner might
The first beatitude should we inherit Earth     
For Christ himself on the mount to us had said  
Though my craving is not for world’s wealth
So for Christ pleasures traded and call them dead
Twenty Ninety Years I Live Till This May 6
Through failures and gains, through loss to GOD
Grave sins of a self-ruled life full of mistakes
But His grace had me made it through it all
Who cares when you hurt and blood gushes from within
Do they know how many nights of opened eyes you had?
The crabbing me down, AND the stabs helped made me
Bad times don’t even matter when God hears our cry?
Battles are not won if one has not gone to wars?
A Life of persevering endurance gets championship
How are we addressing it?  Through talk shows and calls
Aimed at unfeeling people detached from commoners’ hardships?
I learned that there are marital challenges when one looks outside
I feel the government’s heart break struck by blows of hypocrisies
Some of these lessons crushed-Sirleaf may have just realized
Theming the Iron Heroine’s Tragedy as delayed response and leniency
How do we address these three: Friendships, Hardships, and Enemyships?
At 29 my life has written a 19 chaptered-story featuring these minor characters
The raising action marked helpless sleeps and drowsy days. And a struck heart too.
But Christ in us makes all the difference………….

Scars of a tired nation
By Lekpele Nyamalon

What more can a country take?
Stories of children that can’t live in peace
Treating each other like strangers from afar
The sons returning and the ones they met
Fighting for a space left by Mama
1980-panic splashed upon the face of Africa’s oldest child
Bringing down the walls a century high
Building another 100ft higher
Shaking to shreds young old mama
Promising her a lie to leave her alone
What a tired country she has become
Standing alone on a continent she blossomed
Left alone by countries she led to Independence
A troubled house is always lonely
Such a land she stands to be
Her place in history forgotten by men of time
Left to maggots and bugs to chew
And spit into history’s shredder
Her prints erased from the archives of Africa’s glossary
And left to wander- gathering crumbs
Couldn’t her sons keep her diary
Of how generous a home she had
Giving a shelter for Africa’s neglected,
Spewing hope into a lifeless continent
Doomed by colonialism and whisked by fear?
She went in shock and comatose
For 14years her eyes couldn’t blink nor wink
Only ears of thunder and terror
With a sigh of relief to live again
Her candle is lit in a thunderstorm
The scars of a tired nation are eating up again
The face of EBOLA shatters the dream
To put together a wretched, lonely life
Could this scar flip into a star?
And shine forever?


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