Poetry March 5, 2015




By: Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

The copy book they registered in is nearly full

The pages left to write on is completely finished

The dice is about to be cast on their many deeds

The book is not complete but very much to read

The Rubicon was crossed now the stories abound

What will we find out written by those pens?

The copybook is nearly full

The noise is loudest as the huge gong resonates

The many praise singers are in a frantic jamboree

The decorating that will be pillaged by mere moth

The accumulation of vain worth stacked by greed

The times repeat itself as if it never happened at all

What will we say after they have exited the stage?

The copybook is nearly full

The departure will come with a terrible eruption

The fate of the old will attach the brand new day

The act of finding a sanctuary will be heightened

The sleek sport van will be traps of dismay for some

The angry faces will quiz hard question to so many

What will you do when that day sneaks on you?

The copybook is nearly full


By: Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

To be the best in this entire country of ours

To master the way of the tiny busy ants

To rise up from the visible failure to a victor

To plough the sands and grow up diamonds

To grow up in a mud hut now a marble abode

To be called sad names because you lacked it

To tell yourself you must win all never slack

To walk the jagged line of less to sit up there

To cancel all negative words of the naysayers

To tighten your belt in all of the lifes turbulence

To run the race set before you and not falter

To stare Satan right in the eyes and say no way

To escalate the fences of delay as you rush on

To look back and appreciate even the bad folks

To see that their delay was a soap to clean you

To ignore the curses they rained then all failed

To look at the rainbow and see your new colors

To fellowship in truth with open hearts of love

To stand firm in the place of rocks and bloom

To be a tall grass in the wind taller than most


By: Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

They are formed from deep inside our chests

They paint a curvy line on our outer expression

They fill our void with warm and happy thoughts

They dance on our brains to stir it right to action

They trigger our weaken souls to stand strong

They wipe the stain of letdowns off you cheeks

Those long little smiles

They present in the time of deep hurt and setbacks

They cushion the effect of burn emotions and shame

They rise high the faltering ebbs we rustle with daily

They like the blown wind erases all the bitter taste

They are moments words and tongue cannot cast

They sculpt a lifted cheek that says I am so thankful

Those long little smiles


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