Poetry March 19, 2015


From Your Care

By Saah Millimono

From your care and consolation,

Spring forth the pleasure of others,

Blossoming in your dedication

And strength of will that never falters.

You have walked many a troubled road,

Your faith tested as though by fire,

Your shoulders bearing many a heavier load

But refusing to retire.

Your heart is like an iron wood

That outlives a generation,

And rises in a triumphant mood

That leaves no cause for indecision.

You have had your doubts,

To be sure, and which is only human;

But even in those very doubts,

You have emerge triumphant like

Ceasar the Roman

May the consolation that others find

And have found in all your years

Bring the best of every kind,

Leaving no cause for tears.


By Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

Though the words down my senses

I still rise
Though loved ones demoralize me

I still rise

Though all paths seem clouded

I still rise

Though my valley stretch up high

I still rise

Though tons of filthy water covers up

I still rise

Though the same old bench gives way

I still rise

Though ten trucks fall in my passage

I still rise

Though the voice of the soul pierces

I still rise

Though my tears run to bathe my cheeks

I still rise

Though it is day but darkness surrounds

I still rise

Though buddies plan to strike your back

I still rise

Though the task faces many uphill trudges

I still rise

Though history says I can never make it

I still rise

Though men desire to suppress that dream

I still rise

Though my eyes thin out due to near fear

I still rise

Though no one think it is possible for me

I still rise

Though rain burst fill the once blue sun sky

I still rise

Though the pens tremble bare in my hands

I still rise

Though purple splurges wild next to hazel

I still rise

Though I am weakened and cold from words

I still rise

Though teeth and tongue cohabit they clash

I still rise

Though time and events rips hearts far apart

I still rise

Though clamor fills the suppose to be calm

I still rise

Though in the hands of the all Almighty King

I still rise


By Varney L.S. Gean

The enemy won’t have that feeling when so forlorn

The fraudster won’t even ponder about it one minute

The babies care less as they make the most of everything

The robbers want all and think less about our grievances

The silent rival won’t hesitate to make a huge benefit

No Guilty Conscience

The cheating husband won’t think of your affection at all

The nagging wife won’t mind you need some quiet time

The fastidious boss will be all in shredding you apart

The murdered won’t even give you moment for last prayer

The judge won’t smile as he slams the gravel ever so hard

No Guilty Conscience

The priest won’t laugh while telling you of your many sins

The teacher won’t bulge to mark the red on the report card

The opponent only aims to bring you down and wins it all

The cab driver will exploit you and think little of your situation

The person loved so much could be the game you never win

No Guilty Conscience

The police will thrash you without the single feeling of mercy

The torrent will pour down tougher without any consideration

The sun blazes and thinks little of the warmth suffocating you

The heart beats the minds, the body chills, the feet itches

The friends won’t mind if you fall whilst they make some gains

No Guilty Conscience


By Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

Everyone has someone out there

Maybe a rustic molded old gnome

In peace wait for the right moment

Go in search of it for all of eternity

Tango happily with a pig in a wig

Cherish the Moment

If not written will not happen as now

Take careful strides how to voyage

In each breath place the Great so

With hope of a child expect much

Even a pig with a wig will suffice

Cherish the Moment


By Varney L.S. Gean

If time is so fleeting

Live it well before it speedily ends

If life is so fragrant

Enjoys it before it loses it savor

If life is filled with agony

Eliminate it and fill it with happiness

If life brings forth success

Enjoy but share with others to make memories

If life comes with misfortune

Hang on till fortune knock at your door

If life is the worst envisions

Close your eyes and dream again

If life is filled of long chapters

Shorten it to style a paradise

If life bears of abysmal curse

Bless it and pursue more blessings

If your life makes you smile

Share it with others and make them smirk

If life possesses too many abstracts

Filled it no less with thousand concretes


By Lekpele M. Nyamalon

You’re a tranquilizer

I heard

This is your time

Clean up the shreds

Wash up

Leave behind only memories of you


It’s your turn

Take it

Grow up new memories with your fertilizers

You Poststockade

By Lekpele M. Nyamalon

Don’t smile at me

I was kept in your basement

Like a rabbit

And you never budged.

Fed like a rat

While you looked on

Beaten with catridges

And you looked away.

Why now?

Do you need a friend?

Keep doing your thing

I dread your name

You know it

You can’t grap me

Not anymore


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