Poetry January 8, 2015


It’s a New Year

By: Lekpele M. Nyamalon


The time went click, click, click

Everyone stood straight

The bells rang

People shouted and sang

Happy new year, me na die

Waving the old year bye

Is it a new year?

Or just another new morning

To wake up and fear

Of all the world’s hauling and pulling

It could be a day anew

Filled with strength from above

And promise to ensue

Of a life to take hold of

It’s a New Year

Raise your hand and cheer



By: Lekpele M. Nyamalon



Wonderful people- I like them

They hold you when you cry

And bath you in warm water

With towel pampering on your soft body

Like my mother, they cry when you cry


Lovely People

Oh women- Some are vicious

They smile with you

And carry your coffin in their hearts

And take you on wings and waste you in the ocean


Fear them

Do you know a woman? My grandmother is one

She cooks a meat and feeds her grandchildren with her hands

And watches them grow

My grandmother is a woman

But I know a Woman

She leads you down the desert

And strangles you with drought

And takes the lone camel to the oasis

Your memory disappears with the breeze


Some are bitter, cruel, and dry to the bones

They clinch on your tongue and cleave like a thorn

If you swallow you’ll bleed

I know a woman

A tall Gbengah

She glows like a fountain, her face glitters like fireworks

And sparks with glamour

What a woman?

But I know another woman

She springs like a tigress

And moans like a bull

Her eyes shine like the moon

Settling behind the forest gaze

She captures with her fangs

Her wings are wider than the falcons

Know them boy?

No one knows a woman

Her heart is deeper than the ocean’s basin

Home of debris and stories of ages

Chained like a prison gate

Oh women!

Mighty women

Where cometh thy prowess?


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