Poetry December 18, 2014


By Margaret Traub

God sent His Son to Africa
When Herod tried to kill the child
This continent men once called “dark,”
God chose as refuge for the Christ
“Twas on this land the little Boy
Took His first faltering steps
“Twas here among us Africans
His consciousness of love began;
How great is God!
His wisdom and His love,
How deep and wide!

We see tall, dark-skinned mothers
With babies on their backs,
Of eggs or rice, or market stuff
To show “good heart”
For Mary and her family;
We see their merry children
With lovely Child of God
Delighting in His laugh,
Surrounding Him with love and care;
(One day an African
Would help Him with His cross.)
Let Gladness spread o’er Africa!
Let songs and dance express our Joy
For God in graciousness and love
Gave us full share in Christ, His Son!
Bringing small gifts
Playing in the yard

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