Poetry April 30, 2015


By Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

Hands means a million things to most people
This pair of hands on the world stage stuns
That ancient and the nuclear fuse for peace
In plainview we saw two but one huge isle
Come together as fences mend before ages
Connecting walls broken by mere ideologies
A season to build as penned by the psalmist
Handshake of a century
Hands too feeble to understand the issues
Jouster to the politics of famous fathers
Calm as missiles and helmets melt to cars
Tourist nest to flourish nearby neighbors
Explore the lost cultural icons forgotten
Right into the skies rising fumes of Havana
Merging a cynoclast of old artistic genre
Handshake of a century

By Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

In a plenty color skirt I rode to town
In an obscure place in a curve the nude
In action words will not describe here
In a bus stop a full blast an explosion
In a clean mind the least of thoughts
In essence a disturbance to normalcy
In the bushy swamp a near dead stump
In the open…a bare tree
In talk like the change of rain to sun
In shock a crude sight open for free
In shame the words danced to floor
In a statute pose the all rights gush
In facts the disdain rubbishes senses
In mockery to the run down society
In a place of green a withering twig
In the open…a bare tree

By Varney L.S. Gean

It was yesterday when the rain chop down harder
It was yesterday the town was so whispered
It was yesterday everything black was dreaded
It was yesterday white truly meant harmony
It was yesterday with small talks at the hatai shops
Just yesterday those piercing greets and taunts
It was yesterday some people eagerly waited for
That yesterday to make renowned their plans
It was yesterday those tactics botched
It was yesterday patriotism triumphed
Yesterday when many thought it was finished
Yesterday some claimed tomorrow will still come
Certainly we will witness another day with joy
Gone is that moment with all the bad it carries

By Varney L.S. Gean

It only takes a foolish man to be fooled twice
It only takes an ignoramus to reject education
It only takes a second to lose one’s dignity
It only takes minutes to heave all away
It takes half a lifetime to ascend that ladder
Obstinacy leads us downward
It takes a man so much to prove his masculinity
It takes a person so much effort to find happiness
It only needs common sense to know right from wrong
It requires more hands to build a beautiful dwelling
It takes just a small time to kneel and prayer
Obstinacy leads us backward

By J. Lisa Lumeh

It seems so difficult, but it’s the best thing to do
You only do it when you find yourself in problems
Knowing that, it is the only thing that helps you
Gradually taking your own stand
Because you failed you pray
Knowing God has your hand
And he will lead the way
How could you rest?
When you needed your best
Do you know that prayer heals?
Do you know it breaks every chain?
Do you know it opens Heaven’s door?
Would you trade your prayer for gold
You quickly woke up this morning
Forgetting to say your daily
Crying in the evening
For your sight has become weary
Do you want God to make a way?
Then pray
Do you want to be healed?
Then pray
Do you need wisdom?
Then pray!


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