By: Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

Hello Ma Mary B the famous

What is it like being so grandeur

How have you overcome so much

Tell us the storied that lead to wisdom

On stupefied leather soles we wonder

The mere youthful candor you exhibit

A quantum of kindness that fascinates

We surmount you bravado for posterity

“The Grande ma Mary B”

Hallow the sound of your laugh

Whispers of happiness stringed in

Hoist like my flag you wide open arms

Teaching to all the pictures of real love

On faces of countless your draw a smile

The mother of the hungry and the haves

A quintessential rose in a dry rain forest

We hold sacred your firebrand patriotism

“The Grande Ma Mary B”


Never Grow Old (NGO)

By: Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

We have seen a lot of pleasant years

We are seen as the roots of the trees

We never grow old cuz we always glow

We hold the gold keys to the face of joy

We listen to the many calls of “stay long”

We groom grass to become fine dry thatch

We are proud to be Never Grow Old

We step on wooden nails made to wedge

We drive from the rugged paths to presence

We serve little giants in cupped fingers

We stoop over their beds as they rejuvenate

We commingle work and shelter for posterity

We look ahead as a smile curves our muscle

We are successful and are to Never Grow Old



By: Matenneh-Rose L. Dunbar

Much for it has dawned another rainbow

One catapult with the variances of thrust

A drop of morning mist near my eyelash

Reminds me of the free gift of fresh breath

Little drops of colored stones makes glow

Sparkle regardless of the waiting odds

Moon walks across the packed arena

Feet do have acreage that created hurt

Shoes of cheap to endangered animals

Dress human sizes to capture admirers

To the hum of Peter Cole we familiarize

For the love of good looks we really bluff

Sparkle for your days are already known

Men of means plus those of thatched huts

Free fall on innocent girls with no remorse

It was their world to break use and trash ‘em

While loud applause greeted their heroism

No more shall the weaker be gullible here

Sparkle as the rays of nature revives you



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