Peter Cole Talks about Gaffes at President Weah’s Inauguration


Liberian music legend, Peter Cole has said described the gaffes (errors) that occurred at President George Weah’s inauguration just over a week ago has overtones of a national embarrassment.

Singer Cole who is based in Senegal said it is sad and heartbreaking that too many errors were quite visible due to the result of poor planning and implementation.

He added the planning of the historical inauguration was chaotic only because competence was not prioritized in finding the right people to do the right job.

“In event planning, when you are given a task you have no prior experience of, be humble to seek help where necessary. Get the best and hire them or seek their advice. You can’t subscribe to trial and error. I think the organizer erred in that direction.

“Another problem during the inauguration was the keyboard used to play ‘The Lone Star Forever and other songs was really low grade and its sound was a disgrace,” Peter Cole said, “not to mention the terrible feedback from microphones and even their placement on the stage.”

He said too many incompetent people were chosen to organize the inauguration due to friend or family relationship instead of hiring competent people.

Cole said another mistake  that occurred came when the organizer allowed a foreign artist to perform at the inauguration.

“We don’t live in isolation in the music world, but it’s uprightly wrong to bring a foreign artist to perform at a national event unless you have no Liberian to do what you want the foreign artist to do,” Cole said.

He added the whole deal with bringing in foreign artists all the time is the cut that people involved with making these deals get.

“If those foreign artists were performing as a mark of respect, or on pro bono, that’s an honor.  But for planners of the inauguration to be hiring foreign artists to entertain at an inauguration is just incompetence and lack of knowledge of what’s at stake. It is an insult to the artists of the land,” Cole said.


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