Pen to Success



It all began on Goree Island, Senegal where Mr. Lekpele N. Nyamalon, an amazing young Liberian writer, won the World Poetry Day award with the poem “Forgotten Future”.

Mr. Nyamalon, a member of the Arterial Network in West Africa said, “the poem portrays the African setting with its past and describes the suffering of our young boys and girls pleading for their freedom and dignity.”

His contributions to poetry in Liberia are exceptional and upon his arrival in the country, he plans to embark on another phase of writings entitled “The Moonlight “.

He said this latest works are intended to catalog the lost traditional history of Liberia that has been preserved only in oral form by elders.

His writing expresses the cultural values and norms of the people as a means to promoting positive change and addressing the ills affecting the society that have been ignored. The qualities he puts into his writings always stir people’s emotions when reading his works.

One of his recent poems, “My Body Is Gold”, published in the Daily Observer newspaper, was dedicated as part of his contribution to ending violence against women.

“He extends his gratitude to the Almighty God for giving him the opportunity. His love for Liberian culture and Africa as a whole will always continue to be highlighted in his writing,” says Nyamalon.

Looking into the future, he says it is his dream that someday the impact of young African writers and leaders will be felt across the world.

While in Dakar participating in the Writers and Poets Workshop from March 15-24 2015, he seized the opportunity to enter the online competition and won the Poem of the Year award, during the celebration of World Poetry Day organized by Young People Today, with sponsorship from UNSCEO.  The workshop he attended was an initiative of the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

Most of Nyamalon’s works can be read on the Young People Today blog and OSIWA website. He has also contributed to the commentary section of the Daily Observer newspaper.


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