Peace Café’s “Unplugged” Powers LIB Artists


The Peace Café has entered into another level of promoting Liberian artist with its fierce “Open Mic” poetry night.

This and every last Friday of each month, Peace Café in lower Mamba Point brings out one of the most entertaining and live performances by pro artists and their fans.

According to Kuki Vincent, senior consultant for Miss Boss Lady International, the idea of an open Mic night came from MTV’s popular 1989-1990 series, “Unplugged”.

“We got the idea from MTV’s unplugged. Basically they will have artist perform an acoustic performance on the songs that everybody loves already.” Cookie explained.

The term “Unplugged” has come to refer to music that would usually be played on amplified instruments (such as an electric guitar or synthesizer) but is rendered instead on instruments that are not electronically amplified, although a microphone is still used.

With this, less background noise will be heard so that the audience can hear the artist and also enable the artist to engage more with their fans. Kuki believes this will bring on a special bond between the stage performer and its listeners.

“How the unplugged works is you sit in the middle of a very intimate crowd, they usually have either a guitar or a piano, no loud band or anything and they perform there music while explaining how the song and the lyrics came about,” Cookie elaborated.

In as much of giving those present at an Open Mic a chance to literally feel the music, Open Mic also means that the audience will get an opportunity to partake in holding the microphone as well; to showcase their own talent while being observed by their most favorite artist.

“The great thing about the Open Mic is we turned it into not only a performance for the artist but a open mic where we’ve had people get up there to sing, dance and so on,” Cookie clarified.

Peace Café’s open mic has been in effect for months, and has featured some of the best.

“ Our first artist featured when we started was Sweetz. Later on it was F.A. of Blue Links Records, Co.Z of Liberty entertainment and this week will be Nakita Garnett commonly known as Nina Touch. We’ll brainstorm from here and probably bring Takun J and more because we have a lot of artists on the list,” Cookie says.

That’s not all! Peace café has made it clear that they want to do all that they can to help build the Liberian artist, even if it means giving all of their nights proceeds to them.

“We charge five dollars to enter, but 100% of the money goes to the artist. We pay the promoter and pay for the sound system and all those things, but [the artist gets] what we make at the door. We just want to empower Liberian artists to keep doing what they do,” Kuki explains.

Open Mic is fun, exciting and magnificent, not only do you get to see your favorite Liberian artist do his/her own thing, you also get to keep updates on them after the show.

“We have an email list for all the people who go there. We send them sound cloud links and other [access] to the artists’ music so that they can keep up with them and follow them on Facebook,” Kuki says.

If you love to sing, dance or just plain out enjoy a night filled with exotic sounds, get “unplugged” and lets hear your talent.

“All the songs we love will be described during open mic and why the artist decided to write it. So the fans get an opportunity to understand the background behind it a little bit. And then they get into it.”

Meanwhile, some of LIB’s most acclaimed rap artists have also used “unplugged” to relish some of their most vicious cipher battles.

“We even had a cipher the other day where Co.Z and Cypha D’King came together and started to battle. There’s a lot of energy flowing in there and it’s a great event.”


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