Our Recovery from Ebola: The Artist’s Role (1)


No sane Liberian would ever have planned this attack of Ebola on our people. But sane Liberians had better start planning and implementing our recovery process immediately. If not, we will be forever mired in this sick warfare cycle of someone else’s making.

Ebola means the horror of death!

Can our artists ignite the flame of recovery? Our artists know and can inspire us to remember the beauty of Life while under threat of death. The beautiful faces of our children, full of Life, cannot be forgotten.

You should see the girls of “Victory Kids” (not shown) in Gbarnga when they are Singing and Dancing the Music and Rhythms that admonish our leaders to act for the common good: “We don’t want rulers. We want leaders.” These girls know their role as young artists is to inspire us to Life and righteous behavior. How can we continue to ignore our children and just focus on our Ebola death fixation!

Our beautiful children must learn; they must Dance and Sing; they must engage in Life, their own beautiful lives right here in Liberia. Let us begin our recovery now and recover a Life for ourselves and our children.


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