Our Children Express Beauty


Today we’re showing our children that we appreciate their artistic expressions of beauty.

Noted Liberian artist, teaching artist, and arts activist, Dolly Barnes, has a favorite saying, “Find beauty in God’s gifts to all of us today and smile with it so that someone will benefit from your beauty today, and smile with you. Be part of God’s beauty in the universe.”

Why is beauty important? Beauty has a calming effect that opens the body, mind, and spirit to life giving energies like communication, cooperation, and unity.

How do children know that? Well, maybe early exposure to beautiful natural phenomena, beautiful sounds, and beautiful sights and objects embed this awareness in them. Certainly many successful artists we’ve interviewed in these pages were exposed to the beauty of art at a very early age and benefitted from it. Like Ripening Fruit, they grow, become more beautiful and share their beauty with others in our society.

Enjoy and encourage our children’s expressions of beauty!



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