Orange Sponsored Tunes Liberia Music Awards Successful

At the Tunes Liberia Music Awards

The Centennial Pavilion came alive on Saturday as several hundred Liberians crowded the venue to be a part of the first annual Tunes Liberia Music Award.

Although several Liberian music award shows have been held in the diaspora, this event was one of the largest to be organized in Liberia.

Both the executive officer of the event, Elvis Juasemai, and the event’s consultant advisor, Ambassador David W. Anderson, said despite a few hiccups, the event was a resounding success and marked yet another chapter in the history of the Liberian music industry.

Juasemai said that overall the awards were dedicated to the memory of Liberian music icon, the late Quincy Burrows, aka Quincy B.

Quincy received two posthumous awards at the event including for ‘Best Video of the Year’ (‘My Pledge’ featuring Sweetz) and ‘The Legendary Award.’ Both of his awards were received by his mother, who reminded the public that Quincy B was survived by two young children. She appealed to the Liberian public to make donations to support the children and their mothers.

At the climax of the event, Orange Liberia unveiled and presented the ‘Orange Customer Award’ to popular artist Kizzy W. The winner was determined by the artist who had received the highest number of votes by SMS.

The corporate communications strategist for Orange Liberia, Dr. Kimmie Weeks, said Kizzy W had won the prize by more than 10,000 votes. Presenting the award together with a Tecno Phantom 8 smartphone to the winner, Noel Chateau, chief marketing officer at Orange, congratulated Kizzy W and explained that Orange would not only support the growth of the Liberian music industry but would also make investments in education, movies and sports.

Other artists who walked away with prizes included: CIC, for Best AfroPop Artist; Revoluxon Rocky, for Best New Artist; Christoph, for Best HipCo Artist, while the major prize of the night, Artist of the Year, was won by DenG, who also gave an electrifying performance.

Tunes Liberia is an online site that allows users to download or stream Liberian music.  Ambassador Anderson said that the site had achieved 10 million views, with 100,000 views a week, making it one of the most popular Liberian web portals.



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