On the Rise: Tito Gee Moves to the Next Level


Growing up in a drug infested community with a single parent where drug dealers were the only role models Tito Gee had to fight hard, in the most difficult way, to become the person he is today.

During those dark days, Tito’s mother encouraged her son to be a good boy because her work schedule was so tight that she could not see him for days on end.

Since his mother was out most of the time, the only thing available in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, to keep Tito off the streets was hip hop battles, rapping against few of the local artists, like Meek Mill and Joey Jihad.

Utilizing the impact the city rap battles had on him, music became his passion. He started putting in more time to learn the art, which at the end of the day yielded fruits.

After mastering his art, and with support from some friends and his mother, Tito dropped his first single, “Imported Bride,” featuring Momo.

The song was a banger and it received lots of applauds; the artist, as word spreads fast about the song, landed an interview on one of the biggest radio stations in Philadelphia, Power FM, in a bid to explore his music career.

At the end of the Power FM interview, the artist, as per the host’s request, had to leave a song with the host –which later went on to win the station’s ‘Song of the Month.’

His latest project “We Man Them” featuring Starmelod, who sang “Rude Rude Thing,” is another banger that is bringing the artist closer to the A-list status. His spirit to strive for greatness shows in his music.

Within a few weeks of release, the song has generated more than 500 views, and still climbing, on You Tube.

Tito Gee’s ability to keep pushing forward, despite the rise in his popularity, affords him the opportunity to chat with Akon in New York and talk about his music.

Without a doubt, Tito is a breath of fresh air that Liberian music has been waiting over the years. Though Tito wants his celebrity status to double in the industry, his focus right now is putting together the best lyrics as possible.


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