On the rise: The other Side of Meskora


Ever since prominent photographer Meskora Amoussou launched her fashion line, she has managed to beat the odds to stay on top of her game despite several challenges. The 23 year old fashion designer, whose designs are inspired by her African heritage and textiles, reaches across to women of all shapes and sizes and has received rave reviews for quality.

We caught up with Meskora to talk about what led her into fashion and many more others issues.

LIB Life: How did you get involved in fashion? What was the process like? Was it challenging? If yes, how so?

MA: Fashion has always been my dream as a little girl. I had tons of sketch books where I will draw all the designs that I had in my head. As I started to grow older, I just forgot about the little girl’s dreams and decided to get back to reality.

It all came back to me when people started complimenting the African trousers that I wear, and all of a sudden I decided to get back into fashion.
Getting into fashion was a little bit challenging because you have to be different from all the other designers. We often see designers with the same styles and same designs that have a faithful clientele.

LIB Life: What really inspires your designs?

MA: My designs are inspired with what I see around me and how I feel. I work with printed cloths, cloths with different patterns.

LIB Life: How would you describe your collection?

MA: I would describe my collection as mixpolo – it’s my signature. I feel a design can be more beautiful when it has multiple prints, not only African prints.

LIB Life: The industry demands creativity, how creative are you?

MA: My creativity goes beyond what people can imagine and I have my family to help me put the pieces together, which makes my design even great.

LIB Life: How have you been able to cope with the competition in the industry?

MA: For me, I feel that every designer has his or her own style and someone might see my designs and love them, but it might be seen by another person as unbearable. It is all about your style and your way of
seeing things; and since everybody has their way of seeing and designing clothes, I don’t really see any competition.

LIB Life: Your line is known for its sexy cuts and shapes, how sexy do women feel in your designs?

MA: Feeling sexy is all about the individual, it is about self-confidence and I always say it does not matter what other people think about you, what matters is what you think about yourself.


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