On the rise: Stunna Talks About Music and Career


Since emerging on the music scene a year ago, STUNNA has been making history since then as one of the top rated upcoming artists in the country.

From winning the Africori music contest with his friend A-Ray to performing in Nigeria at the Oriental Hotel, STUNNA is also gradually inking his mark on the international market.

Although he has not fully entered the industry as yet, he is an artist with well-polished lyrics that speak directly to the soul, making him an artist to watch out for.

Apart for being artist to expect to blow in 2017, all of STUNNA’s songs, from introduction to conclusion, including his two recent tracks, ‘Expensive’ and ‘Daddy,’ clearly demonstrate that his lyrics are bound to make him unforgettable.

Born and raised in Monrovia, STUNNA is a prime example of the potential of young MC’s in Liberia’s booming music industry.

LIB Life caught up with STUNNA to talk about his music and career.

LIB Life: Who are your influences? What are some advices that have stuck with you?

STUNNA: As an artist I see music not just as singing or rapping, but for the art that it is. I’ve been mostly influenced by individuals that see ills in society and innovate ways to better the situation.

Music as we know it creates an unimaginable bond with the soul that I think in time to come will be fully recognized by our nation. I believe that been success comes through hard work, determination and music that touch people lives.

LIB Life: With the saturation in the industry, how have you been able to cope with the competition in the industry?

STUNNA: For me I see no competition. As far as I’m concern I’m the best. It is just matter of time for me to blow.

LIB Life: When you make music, what do you expect for people to gain from playing your songs?

STUNNA: I expect my audience to gain total satisfaction as well as understand the message I’m trying to get out there.

LIB Life: How has your life changed since you started making waves?

STUNNA: Life has changed in ways that I never expected. I now focus on how my fans feel, and they let me know what they need. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many major stakeholders in Africa and so on.

LIB Life: Any last words?

STUNNA: Thanks for the interview.


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