On the Rise: Peter G


Rated as one the best upcoming Liberian artists in the Diaspora, Peter G’s sweet childhood came to an end at about the age of seven, when the civil war erupted in Liberia.

Peter G and his family were forced to flee to Ivory Coast as refugees. Sadly on the way there, he lost contact with his parents for a day and spent it surviving on palm kernel.

“This was one of the most disturbing times of my life not knowing if i will ever see them again. Worst of all, we went days without eating, just water and little things like palm kernel or bush fruits,” he said.

As a child who came from a humble background, Peter now has to struggle in his new found country to make a living, but the scar of the war and the bloodshed he witnessed left him traumatized for years, which led him to seek music as a rescue.

Even when he turned to music and started shaping his vocal and written skills, he was not accepted and on many occasions, friends and family mocked him saying he won’t make it as a musician.

As time passed, Peter became obsessed with Congolese and Ivorian music and by his early 20s, he recorded his first single called ‘Lee-lay-lay.’

The song was only distributed among friends to get their responses, which didn’t go down well with him. However, after immigrating to the US in 1998, Peter G started to rethink his career and in no time, he started attending music seminars and classes to perfect his vocal and writing skills.

“I was hurt and felt betrayed at that time by friends. That really pulled me back from recording songs but I was still writing lyrics during my spare time. However, I have now realized that those friends were sincere by mocking and criticizing my first single, which helped me to improve a lot,” he said.

And in no time, Peter G dropped his debut single, ‘Can I Say,’ which went on to be well received among Liberians in the US and garnered some of the best reviews, leading the song to be nominated for the Liberia entertainment awards. He even performed at the award ceremony.

“This was one of the biggest highlights of my career. And since then, I have been working hard to release quality songs and going on tour,” he said.

Peter, whose lyrics and vocal power speaks directly to soul, is the kind of musician whose songs have different messages focusing on different life situations, and blending his native Bassa language with Liberian ‘colloquial

His ability to do so, while switching from one genre to another in one a single, sets Peter apart from the others.

Although he has not reached his peak yet, Peter G is just a few days away from breaking into the mainstream of Liberia’s already struggle industry.

But apart from music, Peter plans to return to school soon to pursue his master’s degree in marriage and family counseling. While he remains determined to succeed in his music career, he also recognizes the importance of perfecting his knowledge and skills in other areas and striving for higher education.

A graduate of the University of Rhode Island, and the first in his family to earn a college degree, Peter has just completed his first leg tour in three US states popular with Liberians.


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