On the Rise: Emerging Photographer Meskora


It was only a matter of time before emerging photographer Meskora S. Amoussou found herself behind the camera.

Growing up in a family where her father was in love with cameras capturing every single moment of their lives, inspired 23-year-old Meskora’s thirst for the camera.

At a very young age, Meskora became her Togolese father’s aide whenever he had any difficulties setting up a camera or needed someone to take his pictures. Unknowingly, a talent was developing.

“My father’s love for the camera as well as capturing and recording almost every single moment of our lives was amazing. Even on a farm or road trip we just had to take pictures. This is how I accidentally started to love ‘capturing the moment.’”

From utilizing the knowledge from her father, she started using her phones to capture the moments she loves; and as time passed, photography became an obsession.

“I remember using my phones to capture plants, sunsets and other nice things in the environment. Even when I received my first camera last year, I was still taking photographs for fun until I did my first professional shoot
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“Since that time my life has changed, with my love for camera trebling in recent time. There is no single day that will pass without me taking a shot. I have worked, met, and learned from awesome people,” Meskora said explaining her journey.

Knowing that she did not have any training as a photographer, Meskora started doing some research and soon learned that shooting the best pictures required a good location and a creative mind.

“I had the passion, but did not know at first in order to become a good photographer it is not about taking a shot or using expensive gears; it’s more about creativity and the location. The things I have learned from the internet have helped to me improve as photographer,” she said.

Still not satisfied with what she learned from her research, Meskora started investigating other pictures, something that can be quite lucrative. However, she did not fall in love with this branch of photography.

After two months of research for photos that will inspire her career, she almost gave up until one night she stumbled across the images of a black skinned girl on the internet. She said she was deeply moved by the craftsmanship involved, which helped her to regain the hope to continue her journey.

“I nearly gave up but that dark skinned girl’s photo helped me to regain the passion for capturing the moment. Black skinned girls are my inspiration because they possess that unique kind of beauty, no matter how the world sees them.

“My work is about creating memories that will inspire others and introducing the artistic side of photos,” Meskora recalled.

Since her career came to light last year, her photographs continue to dispel stereotypes in Liberia that a woman cannot be a good photographer.

While Meskora’s career only started of late, her strength lies in her ability to overcome challenges, her determination, fear of God, perseverance and humility.

Meskora S. Amoussou was born in Abidjan to a Togolese father and Liberian mother and spent most her childhood between Ivory Coast, Ghana and Togo.

Currently, she is a political science and English student at the African Methodist Episcopal University.


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