On the rise: Christoph’s Story about How He Overcame Poverty and Mockery to Become a Superstar


Arguably the best rapper in the country right now, Christoph’s story is not different from other children born into poor families, and in slum communities.

Like other children whose parents don’t have it, Christoph on many days had to struggle just to eat a good meal and keep going to school.

Despite the hustles and bustles of his young life, Christoph managed to overcome his ugly past of struggling to survive by working hard to realize his dream of becoming a musician.

“From the day I was born and to the time I started doing music, I experienced a lot of hardships. Although I was born in one of the worst slum communities in Liberia, my parents managed to take care of their children despite the little they had.

“I had a rough upbringing, but God was the one that kept me alive. Sincerely speaking, life was not easy, but music was my own source of happiness,” Christoph said.

The “Hold Your Polaruh” hit maker, who just returned from a tour of the United States about two months ago, was consistently overlooked when he first started doing music.

At first many people didn’t take him serious; and some even mocked him, not knowing they would be dancing to and loving his songs in just a few years’ time.

Christoph added: “The journey was rough; and at some point in time, I became frustrated and wanted to quit. But I couldn’t muster the courage to do so because I loved music.

“All I did was to take those criticisms and transform them into a success story. I worked hard to prove that they were wrong and that I was right. I used persistence to improve my craft, which at the end of the day has been proven successful.”

After the long road of preparation, the tall light-skinned and tattooed rapper entered mainstream music with the single “Take a Break.” However, the song did live up to expectations as fans reacted to the song as being “too American,” which was the fans’ state of mind at the time.

They wanted hipco.

After he took notice of this, Christoph quickly changed his style from hip-hop to hipco, which uses Liberia’s colloquial language instead of American slang; an act that propelled him to superstardom.

Songs like “Papay God,” “Heaven and Hell,” and “Gbanna Man” remix were the ones that definitely sold him to the public, and the much desired recognition.

“When I released ‘Take a Break’ and noticed that people were not responding, I realized that I was not tapping into the quest of the audience, or was not giving them what they needed to hear, “ he said, adding, “So I switched and in just a short period of time, people started loving my flow, and dancing to my music,” he said.

On his inspiration and target audience, Christoph explained that his target audience is lovers of rap music, most especially young adult; and that his inspiration always comes from fans and the theme of the song.

“My inspiration comes from the fans because I need to give them what they need to hear. I am not making music for myself, but for the fans,” he explained.

Born on April 3, 1993, in a church, the award winning rap artist, whose given names are Christopher Christoph Nyenga, is a graduate of the St. Mathew Methodist High School.

He is among the few Liberian rappers who are living a middleclass life and owns a car reportedly worth over US$30,000. His home is worthy of “MTV Cribs” mention, the Liberia Version though.


  1. How can a young rapper get this kind of money to buy $30,000 car. HMMMM, Some of these young men doing all kind of stuff nowadays to make money.

  2. Emily why speculate when you don’t have one evident to substantiate your allegation. So what are you trying to insinuate, a rapper of Christoph class don’t deserve owning a US$30,000 car. Sorry brother, but i think you need to do more background check on his fortune and stop being pessimistic and thinking negative.

  3. Thank God for Christopher. From his poor back ground and upbringing, I think he deserve to be happy of what he is worth today. Thirty thousand is not a whole lot for a rapper but for the Liberian standard and his poor back ground, I am proud of him. I do not think that he is doing anything illegal but trying to make ends meet

  4. The story of Christoph is like from to grace. I believe his story will serve as a motivation and inspiration to underground artists who are feeling discourage about doing music. I want to thank Daily Observer for bringing Christoph story to the spotlight.

  5. Well, as for me, Christopher deserve this and even deserve more just imagine his background. precisely the artist is really good. My people we don’t want to lose this great LIB rapper. I know there are lot of folks out there that don’t like him, we already know that “black man don’t like good thing” because of his great achievement they will start to say a lots of things about him…

  6. Comment:Liberian People always sit and talk negative tbings about people without even k owing their past
    Christoph you deserve to enjoy bruh.


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