By Roosevelt Richards

Oh Africa

Why perish when there is so much

To live for…

When your resources can make you a continent of gold

When the option to survive

Is your morning coffee,

When your natural parks

Are tourist attractions,

Oh Africa, why perish?

When your generations

Can change the world,

When your politicians

Can reach the global top,

When your rain forest can accommodate

Incredible species

Oh Africa, why perish?

When you are capable of being the best

Why be the worst?

When a compromise can be reached,

Why wage war?

When your history can make us proud

Why put us to shame

Oh Africa, why perish?

Why perish when there’s so much

To live for?

When your gallant armed forces can conquer the world

When your species are one of its kind

When your scientists are good enough

To walk the moon

When your brains

Can upgrade technologies that would overshadow

The predictions of the greatest forecasters

Oh Africa, why perish?



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