Nubian Takes Lila Brown for a Throwback


Whoever said the weekend starts on Friday is still on Western Time… In LIB, y’all know, Thursday is the “eve of the weekend”. And tonight, it’s a ‘Nubian Throwback’ at the new Lila Brown in Sinkor, beach side.

Lila Brown just moved to the area from Mamba Point and, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I beheld it just the other day. My Sunday was dull. But that was until a buddy of mine called me to join him on 19th Street in Sinkor, Monrovia.

“Come down to the beach side and look for Lila Brown,” he said.

I was there in less than 20 minutes from ELWA Junction. Then it hit me. All brown deco, spacious seating, woven rattan chairs, international menu, a curved bar enclosed in a glassed section fully separated from the sitting hall, and the icing on the cake…a greenhouse.

But that is not all. Around the perimeter of the restaurant’s sitting area are seedlings and trees of pepper, watermelon, gardenia, papaya from Liberia, Nigeria and South Africa, cinnamon, pineapple, coffee, passion fruit, plantains, bananas, and other fruits, mango, tomatoes, cocoa, vegetables and so much more which, very soon, matured clients will be able pick and have prepared right there at the restaurant. A real organic experience!

Welcome to Lila Brown. Yes, the same Lila Brown that was located at Mamba Point is now located on 19th Street in Sinkor, a stone’s throw from the Atlantic Ocean.

According proprietor Tarek Ghosn, Lila is Hindi for beauty. For me, the brown deco completed the name, Lila Brown, romantically: Brown Beauty. Wanting something Liberian, hence African, Tarek, after consulting with his father, decided on a name that speaks to his spiritual and physical: a
Buddhist of Lebanese ancestry living in Liberia – Lila (Hindi); Brown (symbolic color of Africa); and the Mediterranean themed menu (reminding him of Lebanon).

“Come here in six months’ time and you will see the vision of the greenhouse and all the fruits and vegetables growing around here. Then the vision of the lover’s area will be enhanced and apparent,” said Tarek.

Lila Brown is ideal for dining alone, with friends, on dates, for corporate lunches and dinners, entertaining your clients, and the like. The bar is fully stocked. And when Tarek decides on having a live band play there every now and then, it would fast become a popular hangout for hip, up and coming and established universal people.

But don’t take my word for it; tonight, Lila Brown is doing the Nubian Throwback, in partnership with Nubian 96.7 FM. The event will feature DJ Eddie F, doing Hip-Hop, African, Reggae, and Pop hits from the 70’s to today.

Meanwhile, I am gonna chill on the hammock in the lover’s zone.


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