Nimba County Cultural Extravaganza Ends in Ganta


On Saturday, April 15, 2017 residents from across Nimba County witnessed one of the greatest cultural extravaganzas in the commercial city of Ganta.

US-based Liberian artist Mz Menneh stormed the Peace Empire Theater with her latest hit “Ya goe Nimba Yaa seay,” translated to mean, “When it comes from Nimba, it can’t spoil,” and Nimba’s own legendary Prof. Jones Dopoe.

The thrilling show also featured Nimba County’s top cultural troupe, Lesticc, Co – Z, among others.

Other Liberian artists like PCK& L’Frankie of “Tell Your Ma Say Ah Here” fame, Nyan Dogba of Nimba Jazz, local masked dancers, including long devil and other cultural performers, were among some of the exciting performers of the night who kept the audience on their feet the whole night.

However, the first ever cultural extravaganza to be held in Nimba County in a while was not adequately patronized, to the chagrin of the organizer, the Destiny Enterprise. Many blamed the poor turnout on poor advertising or awareness, and the high admission fee.


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