‘Night of Drama’


When four churches come together to perform a live drama of Christian massage that showcase the brilliance and exquisiteness of the Liberian culture, you will expect to see nothing else than classical performance and an event with a full house in attendance.

Titled “Night of Drama,” each church drama team will perform for fifteen minutes for the final of the Treasure Hunt 2015 program; and at the end, the winner will get a ‘trophy” and participating churches certificated.

Also during the program, Vision International Production (VIP) will do a live theater performance entitled “The Road to Liberty,” which will showcase rich African costumes, as it depicts the history of slavery.

The event will coincide with the official launch of VIP, which will last for about thirty minutes, to inform the audience about the organization’s mission to help build Liberia’s performance industry.

Cosme R. Pulano, the organization’s Executive Director, said the organization is an audio-visual institution established to contribute to the transformation of society by educating and entertaining through films – theater, television, and motion picture – the cultural values of Liberia

“This yearly event seeks to provide a platform for the transformation of church drama teams into production houses through free training and mentoring. It will also be a catalyst for the rebirth of our unique and rich cultural heritage that has been dormant,” he added.

“We are not just into transforming drama teams but also providing a platform for the development, training, mentoring and branding of actors, scriptwriters, and directors.”

Pulano was quick to add that VIP’s activities and operations are not limited to churches.

He noted that Liberians with a passion for cinematography have made numerous strides in the thriving movie industry, but that the lack of capacity and financial resources has hindered the growth of the sector.

Pulano called on his colleagues to ensure that unity becomes the hallmark of the industry, adding, “We can overtake Nigeria and Ghana in West Africa if we put away the bickering and come together.”

Participating churches for the event includes Philadelphia Central Church, Grace and Glory Church, Monrovia Christian Fellowship, and Sinkor United Pentecostal Church.

The program will be held on Sunday, November 8, at the Philadelphia Central Church, in Congo Town, at 3:00p.m.


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