New ‘Reality Pageant’: Face of Paynesville


The official lunching of the latest reality show/pageant contest will officially be lunching on Sunday November 30th at the DuPort road, offices of Renaissance Communications Inc (RCI).  Prospective sponsors are SRIMEX, Cellcom, RTV, Bilikon, Paynesville City Corporation and Coca-Cola.

With the theme “Empowering a woman for a positive change in Paynesville”, Face of Paynesville came about as a result of one man’s tiredness of all of the dishonestly that judges render to most beauty pageant contestants in Liberia during a pageant and the disadvantages these girls have to go through in order to become a ‘queen’.  His vision is not only to empower these girls but also to make each and every one of them a good example in their various communities that other young girls can follow.

The pageant, which also happens to be a reality show, is aired on Real TV everyday at 9pm, showcasing 13 talented and driven beautiful contestants, all striving to be that “face” at the same time creating an awareness within their various communities. While on TV, these girls are taught the basic fundamentals of pageantry; taught how to speak, walk, dance, pose and portraying self-confidence.

According to chief organizer Lyee Bility, the winner gets a car, cash of $3500, a laptop, cell phone and a week’s stay in a luxurious hotel. She also gets featured on a billboard at the ELWA Junction.

It is inspiring to see these girls come to step out of their comfort zones in order to follow their dreams. Most of the girls’expectations were very high that they would end up becoming the winner, although some are concerned about transparency of the judges as a potential issue.  

Meanwhile, Lib Life spotted one peculiar contestant, who kind of distance her-self away from the rest and seemed a little shy. Her name was Momsey Rose Richardson, very peculiar and with a distinct personality, Lib Life asked her as to how she felt about the pageant and if she was confident that she would be that “face” of Paynesville.  

“Actually I can say yes but my only fear is I still don’t know how to model,” says Momsey.  Her greatest fear is that many of the other girls have actually taken part in other pageants and they know how to model.  She says even though they’re all being taught how, she just does not have that confidence after she watched the others model with such ease.

Bility on the other hand has promised to ensure transparency throughout the pageant.  “I’m really trying hard to make this as free and fair as possible.  This is why the judges I’m putting together in fact have never sat on any pageant panel before and, as a matter of fact, no one even has the slightest idea on who these people might be.”  He also hinted that there’s a high possibility that his head judge will be Vice President Joseph Boakai “one person I have in mind who of course will be head judge and is living in Paynesville as well, is the Vice President, I don’t want anyone who has been apart of any pageant to be a judge”.

The main date is slated for Dec.30th. The winner will not only walk away with all of those fabulous prizes but will also do a community development project in her name.


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