New Horizons for African creativity in 2018


The emergence of a new year signifies a time for looking both backward and forward; reflecting on what has past and looking ahead to what can be.

In that stroke, let’s look into 2018 for three opportunities for African creatives to broaden their horizons.

1Art Noise Travel Residency

Art Noise is introducing a residency travel program to recruit independent visual creatives and cultural students of African or Black descent and those of non-African descent as well who have interest in African arts and culture to engage in a three month travel program in over three different African countries for 2018.

The program is designed for independent visual creatives, designers, and cultural studies students across the world and aims at benefiting students by providing them with valuable educational and work experience in contemporary and ancient African arts and culture and by assisting them in accomplishing their goals. There are opportunities to work with various creative sectors and demographics of people in our selected countries.

Learn more about Art Noise

2Art X Lagos Art Fair


Since Art X Lagos debuted in 2016 it has become the biggest fair in west Africa, with mix of art sales, contests, musical events, live performances and a program of speakers. Art X Lagos features emerging independent artists alongside internationally recognized names like multi-dimensional contemporary artists British Nigerian Yinka Shonibare and South African photographer Zanele Muholi and like many art fairs around the world, Art X Lagos opens new opportunities for many new and seasons artists across Africa.

African Visual artists this year can be part of the Art X fair in 2018 which promises to be bigger than ever!

Learn more about Art X Lagos:

3New International Voices

This is a two week residency at Battersea Arts Center, including international travel, accommodation and stipend available to West African artists living and working in Ghana, Nigeria Senegal or Sierra Leone.

Learn more about Battersea Arts Center:

Carpe diem!


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