New Film Aims to Inspire Trust in God


The issue of survival and the quest for personal, positive transformation are concepts that nearly everyone living in present day Liberia can relate to. Many who have gone through a positive, personal transformation in their lives do acknowledge the role of God in their story. Some actually don’t. However, even those who have not been as successful as others, whatever their reasons, have grappled with what role God did, did not, or perhaps should have played in their lives. Such is the theme of a new film launching this weekend called “What is wrong with God?”

“What is wrong with God?” is a Christian film about a young woman named Amie, who left her life of prostitution and devoted her life to Jesus Christ. Expecting things to finally get smooth for her, they seemed to become even more complicated.

Sarah J. Gueh, the executive producer of the film, said she was “inspired by God to write the story,” which examines one of many situations people go through in the Christian faith and blame God, wondering if He is real and what is wrong with Him.

Gueh, who also plays the lead character Amie is quite new to the business of acting and film making, this project being her first. She calls it “a dream come true.”

As a minister of the Gospel, Gueh said she started her career in 2013 while working with the Dream House reality show as a motivational speaker for the female contestants and was also trained by a Christian Film group from Nigeria called the Christoline Film Academy.

“I was the last student to get admission into the school, yet God favored me and I took first place in the training and was awarded a scholarship to attend the Mount Zion Film Institute Nigeria in 2014, which is the biggest Christian film production house in Nigeria,” she told LIB Life in an exclusive interview.

Gueh says she also did an on-stage play at Bethel Cathedral of Hope in 2014 and it was written by her. “By then, I had not produced any film but had written so many stories and didn’t want to do a film, until a popular Liberian film producer, Dream Debo, encouraged me to do a Christian film. That is when my interest in production began to widen. This film is my first and was screen-played by Gardea Mayon,” she noted.

The film also stars Varney Qualah (as George), Pastor Klah Doteh (as Pastor Kollie) and Sarah’s husband, Pastor Solomon Gueh, among others. The actors were trained by a Christian film group from Nigeria called the Gideon mission pictures, who are experts in acting.

“This film also showed the life of a typical Liberian when things are not going well,” says Qualah, despite her being on the street, Amie is also educated, which brings lot of balance to the film.

“Amie had all the opportunities to be a bad person, but she chose to be good in the midst of her struggles and kept her faith in God,” Sarah said.

“This film shouldn’t just be seen as a piece of entertainment, but see God’s hand and trust in Him like Amie did,” said Doteh, whose character plays a pastor and advisor to Amie. “Some of you may go through similar struggles as Amie, but always remember to trust in God.

“I am a pastor so I love the role I played by being a pastor to Amie. I was so encouraged seeing how God took Amie’s life from abject poverty to a life of prosperity and honor and it just happened in the shortest possible time.”

The making of the film itself was not an easy road, producer Gueh said. “It was really challenging shooting this film. The director exercised a lot of patience with me; he did not give up. We used a cinema camera to shoot and we did script conference. We had a lines director making sure that we spoke Standard English.”

“There were difficulties in portraying the role of Amie, there were things that I didn’t like doing, but had to do, like crying. Amie, had to cry bitterly, because she wanted things to be done at her time, not waiting for God’s time.

“I want this film to inspire Liberians and people to trust in God and take positive steps, no matter how bad their situation may be and also inspire producers to produce quality Liberian films. Therefore, we are coming up with something more interesting for our viewers after the launch of this film,” Gueh said.

The film will be screened at a red carpet event on September 25, starting 3 p.m., at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship on 9th Street, Sinkor. Admission is US$10 for patrons and L$200 for ordinary.


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