New Cosmetics Product Line, “Angel Lips,” Launched


Angel’s Lip’s is a fairly new company which started in May of 2013 and has now recently launched its Angel Lips cosmetics line over the month of June.  This  adds  significant value to a woman’s face and beauty. Liberia’s own Lisa Togba of Angel’s Lips Cosmetic line has officially  launched and begun distributions of Angel’s Lips. She sat down to tell us all about her new cosmetics line.

LIB LIFE: Why the name Angel’s Lips Cosmetics Line?

LISA: The name Angel’s Lips came about accidentally. We were brainstorming names and somehow I came up with Angel’s Lips. Instantly, my PR Junda Morris Kennedy loved it and the name became second nature.  Angel is my middle name and being a woman of color with full lips, it went hand in hand.

LIB LIFE: Who’s the inventor of the lipstick line?

LISA: Our products are manufactured in the US. I’m fortunate to have one of the best private labeling companies producing Angel’s Lips.  With the assistance of our manufacturer, Angel’s Lips products are produced with the finest ingredients and latest scientific advancement. 

LIB LIFE: What made you want to come up with such a product and how long has it been in the making?

LISA: As a Liberian living in the Americas, I’ve always dreamed about having an impact in my community as well as my native home Liberia.  I decided to start a company whose sole goal is to empower women physically and financially, allowing them to be their own boss with the right tools and, of course,  looking good while doing so. Mary Kay did it for women in the US and I know Angel’s Lips can do the same in Africa, starting with my homeland Liberia.  Being a model and having a “passion for fashion,” I also wanted to build a brand that any woman can wear, a brand which has substance and values.

I started the Angel’s Glam Foundation, which focuses on giving back to our community. Starting with Market Women in Liberia, as the company grows, I intend donating a portion of every proceed to Market Women in Liberia through an annual gala. Being that my late grandmother was a Market Woman, this organization is very dear to me and I pray I will be  able to fulfill this calling in the near future. 

LIB LIFE: Will Liberia see this new product?

LISA: My goal is to have Angel’s Lips in stores in Liberia. The “Tribal Collection” is dedicated to Liberia, whereever color is uniquely named after each tribe in Liberia.  I visited Liberia this past December where I launched the product during Monrovia Fashion week. I received great feedback and support and my goal is to have Angel’s Lips available for purchase. 

LIB LIFE: Tell us about the launching.

LISA: Angel’s lip was launched in December 2013 in Liberia and again in the US, particularly Philadelphia, PA on June 21, 2014.  The website is almost completed and will be up in the next few weeks. 

LIB LIFE: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

LISA: Next for Angel’s Lips is being able to be available worldwide and recruiting beauty consultants to represent our brand.


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