MZ Team: “‘Talk It’ Not A Diss Track”

MZ Menneh

The manager of MZ Menneh has clarified that the songstress’ new single, ‘Talk It’, is not a diss track as speculated in the public.

Since the release of the song a couple of days ago, it has stirred controversy because of the lyric which some bloggers see as a diss track for the mention of the word single women.

However, Menneh’s manager, Tony Dimoh, in a statement issued yesterday, said those who claim that the song is a diss track are doing so to cause delusions and dissonance.

“The song in question is a work of art composed out of her professional virtuosity and insight, having experienced the disparity in Liberia’s music industry as compared to other places she has had the opportunity work, learn and improve her musical career.

Dimoh added emphatically that the artist has no malicious item as purported on the various media platforms that it is a diss track, but a track intended to awake all stakeholders in order rise and fix the current broken system to harmonize prosperity.

Link to the song:


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